Hybrid Solutions Graphene Acrylic Tire Shine Spray Coating

  • Black spray bottle
  • Rear of black spray bottle
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  • Synthetic shine polymers deliver an adjustable beep dark shine
  • Graphene Infusion & Acrylic Polymers produce a sling-free DURABLE & WASHABLE coating that repels water & contaminants for months.
  • Prevents tires from browning

Introducing a new addition to the Hybrid Solutions line. Hybrid  Solutions Graphene Acrylic Tire Shine Spray Coating produces deep dark gloss. Graphene and Acrylic infusion give this Hybrid Solutions formula incredible durability, repellency and UV protection. It also delivers a sling-free durable and washable coating that repels water and contaminants for months. The benefits of Graphene include incredible gloss, slickness, water repellency, and chemical resistance, along with heat dissipation for increased UV protection. With the perfect blend of the latest technologies in car care, teamed with Turtle Wax’s decades of experience, Hybrid Solutions is guaranteed to deliver unmatched results. Turtle Wax: Dedicated to the Drive. 

How To Use: 

  • Thoroughly wash, scrub, rinse, and dry tires. 
  • For best performance use Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner & Tire Prep
  • Spray evenly onto the tire surface. Allow to penetrate for 3-5 minutes.
  • Wipe excess product with a clean dry microfiber towel or foam applicator.
  • For maximum shine and durability, repeat application.
  • Do not use on cycle tires or where a slippery surface is not desirable. Clean cement or blacktop surfaces immediately with strong detergent to avoid stains and slippery conditions.
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