IronX Iron Remover

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CarPro Iron X removes iron filings and contaminants that have penetrated below the surface of the paint finish.

When driving, airborne iron particles penetrate the surface of your car's paint. These ferrous particles (including brake dust and iron filings from rail and road traffic) create corrosive compounds that etch into the paint layers and create pin-holes in the surface finish. The results of this gradual corrosion are often not apparent until the damage has been done. Claying or polishing only removes the particle from the surface, not the corrosive reaction which continues to spread beneath the surface.
IronX is a decontamination system for your car's paint and wheels. IronX was developed to remove the paint contamination that is left behind by washing or claying. IronX effectively dissolves the sintered iron by forming a water-soluble iron complex. This preventative measure puts a stop to corrosion: no other method cleans paint and wheels as deeply as IronX.

IronX sprays on as a thick, transparent solution. As the Iron-X cleansing liquid works into the car's paint, the formula begins to turn purple. The purple/red coloration indicates the IronX Cleaner reacting with the sintered iron in the car paint or wheel changing its state to a water-soluble complex that is easily washed away.

How to use IronX:

Wash the car or wheels and make sure the surface is cool to the touch. Applying IronX under hot sunlight is not recommended.
Shake well and spray IronX on the surface of the car paint or wheel.
Gently agitate trouble areas with a soft detailing brush or damp sponge.
Wait 5 minutes while the IronX solution reacts with the dirt and iron contaminants.
After the reaction has changed the cleaner's colour to purple/red, rinse off the IronX cleaner.

If necessary, spray a second dose of IronX onto trouble areas.
Rinse or power wash the whole surface. The car is ready to clay now.

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