PERL Tire Dressing Kit

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  • Bottle off CarPro perl with a grey label and a black foam applicator leaning on it.
  • 20 inch wheel with carpro perl on the bottom right and the applicator sponge next to it.
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  • Ability to dilute
  • Choice of a high shine or satin finish when applying.
  • Deep rich black look that gets darker as it cures.
  • Creates a hydrophobic layer of protection
  • UV protection
  • Provides easier maintanance
  • Water-based and contain NO solvents.
  • Curved Foam applicator makes for a very easy application

CarPro PERL has become an international favourite for dressing your tires amongst professionals and enthusiasts. Achieve a high shine finish, satin glow, or matte finish to your liking.


  1. Use straight or dilute 1:1 for tire shine.
  2. Working on a clean tire apply a small amount to the applicator.
  3. Dab the applicator onto the tire at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock.
  4. In a side to side motion work the tire dressing into the tire.
  5. For high gloss shine leave to dry
  6. For a satin or mat finish, level the dressing by gently wiping over the tire with a microfiber towel.
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