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This package aims to provide the ultimate detailing transformation for a vehicle. Most suitable for detailing projects needing a very unique and specialized service. Whether this entails chrome polishing, removal of body components and badges for better machine polishing access, specialized engine bay cleaning, removal of seats for interior detailing restorations, extreme in depth paint corrections, etc. The possibilities can be endless and here at AutoDepth we strive to provide the most bespoke detailing service.

This package can include the following:

  • A full interior detail (seats removed and appropriate leather treatment)
  • In depth engine bay detail. $99
  • Cleaning and hydrating of rubber seals $59
  • Black plastic trim restoration $175
  • Wheels off $690

These are just examples of possible services your vehicle will be treated with. The package is priced on a 5 day process that aims to achieve the absolute best possible detailing restoration within those 5 days. If additional time is needed, an additional hourly rate will be applied.


Highly suitable for classic and rare vehicles, or vehicles that are excessively weathered. 

This is a very specialized service and not required for all vehicles. A full vehicle inspection will need to be conducted.


Price: upon inspection (typically starting from $2100+)

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