Level 5 (Restorative Paint Correction)

$800.00 - $1,725.00
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The Restorative Paint Correction Detail consists of multiple stages from sanding to multiple stages of machine polishing (depending on paint condition and type). The Restorative Paint Correction Detail will significantly improve the finish by removing all swirls, marring, haze and all but the heaviest of scratches and defects. Depending on the paint's condition and type we can typically expect 80-95% correction.


  • Hand-wash using safe and proper techniques to prevent swirls and marring of the finish
  • Wheels and inner barrels cleaned
  • Wheel wells cleaned
  • Light door jamb cleaning
  • Exhaust tip cleaning
  • Chemical and Mechanical decontamination process (claying) to remove embedded contaminants such as iron deposits, tar spots, tree sap, traffic film etc. from the paint
  • Restorative multi-step machine polishing
  • Application of our very durable & glossy Graphene Sealant (up to 3 months)
  • Tires and wheel wells dressed using our premium water-based dressing (non-greasy, non-fling, hydrating, anti static)
  • Rims receive protective anti-stick treatment
  • Interior and Exterior glass cleaned


3-4 Days


In addition we highly recommend the application of one of our Protective Coatings!

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